I am a jewellery designer and maker based in Glasgow I graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2015.


My work explores how different commodities are valued in different ways. Jewellery and cars can be grouped into the same category of commodities in that they are both a shiny and metallic conspicuous display of wealth and status. I view cars as jewellery you can sit in, with faceted reflectors and head lights set like precious stones. While both cars and jewellery have a high economic value, jewellery far out values the car when it comes to sentimental value.


When a car can no longer serve its function it is crushed and replaced. Whereas old, broken and out of fashion jewellery is often still treasured.My jewellery reflects aspects of the aesthetic of the car but with the sentimental value of jewellery.


The making process uses the hydraulic press, something which, on a much larger scale, represents the final demise of a car. In this case however it is used to give the pieces life rather than taking it away. I form perfect copper shapes, crush them and add silver ‘connectors’ to highlight a contrast in value with the ‘broken’ powder-coated copper forms.


The use of silver as the material for these connectors also subverts the aesthetic value of the connections in cars and other products which are usually hidden.  


With echoes of Victorian mourning jewellery but in the modern world,

I make wearable memorials to the cars that are crushed and forgotten.


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